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this app is pretty much pointless, but if youre someone like me who likes to know random facts about basicly anything, this is perfect.

Good app; does what it is supposed to

This app is good and its free. Why complain? Who is it affecting? Yah go return your 3G soley on THIS app.


i wish there was some way to delete comments that arent actually reviewing the app. if you are here for a review, then here you go..... i am a Logistics Coordinator for construction projects at one of the worlds busiest airports. simply put....I NEED THIS APP!!!! my review is: works as advertised and provided me with functionality i need on a daily basis. thanks for creating it. would never have thought to look for such an app. i literally stumbled across it. funny thing is i would have paid for it if it werent free. as for all you idiots out there that are criticizing this app, heres some criticism for you....LEARN TO READ!!!! ITS CALLED HOOKED-ON-PHONICS!!!!! this is NOT a calendar, it doesnt show the date, it shows the numeric value for which week of the year it is. there is no where else to get that, except to manually count it out on a calendar or have to recall from one week to the next what it was the week before. there are jobs out there like mine that dont care about month and days, but use week numbers to classify work activities. lastly, if some moderator could delete all the comments from those who actually didnt use and review the app, id be greatly appreciative.


Finally I can stop be frustrated about that the calendar doesnt show you the number of the weeks.

Nice application for Europeans

Great application that does what is supposed to do. I am surprised about all the negative reviews. Obviously these guys do not understand what this program is for. In Europe many people manage their meetings using the Calendar Week. They will say "I can meet with you on CW29" rather than saying "I can meet with you on the week starting on Monday  July 14". For us in Europe this is a great application and the iPhone has no other way to give you this info (Palm had it for a long time). Please stop the negative reviews just because you do not understand what a program is for.


Would be even sweeter if the icon showed the week number, sort of like the calendar app!

This App Does Everything the developer says!

This is a great app. People need to stop giving one star ratings on free apps. Specially when they do everything the description says. This is a nice simple app and it works great.

Very Useful

As an American, I find this useful. If you are paid biweekly, this app can help remind you if you get paid. For those who hate it, create your own program and see if we like it. This app only claims to do one thing, and it does it well. What clogs up the apps program are duplicate apps and stupid reviews.

Fiscal Week

I would find this useful if it had an option for fiscal week. My company starts week 1 on the first week of October, not the first week of January.

Why Complain, Works as Said AAA +++

If people dont want to have clutter on the ipod, uninstall! wow, dont write bad reviews because of your clutter or because you dont think it does enough, They told you what it does before you download.

Needs more settings

Great idea, very useful for company which are planning everything based on week number like mine. there are several way to compute the week number based mostly on wether sunday is first or last day of the week and when the first week of the year starts (typically first week with four days in the year). This app needs to enable selecting those options to be useful. As is I am not sure if the week number is going to be reliably the same used by my company.

I actually need this applet!

Every week, I generate weekly activity reports, and the files have to be named as the year and week number. I wrote a PC program to display the week number so I didnt need to look it up when generating the files (and risk counting the number of weeks wrong on a calendar, causng my customers to not to be able to download their reports), but this applet is a handy 24 KB tool to be able to instantly know which week is the current week without having to go back to a PC to rerun my program. (I would have rated it 4 stars since it is useful, but not vital, to me; the 5th star is to offset the 1-star rating from people complaining that nobody would need this app.)

Great Workplace App

Some jobs need this info for example working for Volkswagen and needing to know when a new car will be delivered, the factory will always quote the build week of the car, this is a great workplace app for some people. Well Done

Free, but useless.

How often do you really need to know what week of the calendar year it is? If you could set it to your companys fiscal year it might be of some small use, but as is its a waste of an icon on your phone.


When ever you press a button from standby it tells you. No reason to install this application.

5-Star rating for the most STUPIDist app..

...and those who download it. Of course, I did download it so that I can declare that my review is 100% dead on.


Just go on home page and calendertells u there

My favorite application!

I love the fact that little programs like this get through. Thanks, Apple. I know you are being fair, now. This program is of no use to me, but I do see its use to others. It works perfectly. I give it 5 stars. My god, these others reviewers must have IQs down in the 30s. A lot of them say "look at the iCal icon" but that is not the week number, thats the day of the month. These idiots should not be allowed to review these apps! Someone should delete these obviously INCORRECT reviews. They arent even opinion, they are just lies due to ignorance. Gah!

Good app

This is a good app and does what it advertises however I would like to see the whole calendar of the year. I work in tech industry and Intel for example always quotes time in work weeks instead of dates. It will be nice to see when will a item be delivered in future or when something happened in past.

Elegant Simplicity

Also doubles as an IQ tester.

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